Who doesn't look for ways to... secure and extra day or two off a year? Whether it's job stress, burnout or, you just want to stay home and watch Wanda Vision all day, everyone occasionally fudges some aspect of their life to enjoy some time away from the office. Even if that office is at home. Iowan's appear poised to call in, because according to a new study from Zippia, Iowan's most Googles job search is for good excuses. Meaning, we want to miss work, but not make it sound like we just want to miss work.

This got me thinking, what is a legit good excuse to miss work that's not too... terrible. Meaning, if I'm being less than honest, I can't really get busted, nor will I feel like a terrible person for using it. Example, one should never say a relative is sick. That's bad juju. Nor should you say a pet is sick. Again, no good.

As a manager, I have heard many excuses in my day. Some good. Some awful. Using that knowledge, I came up with a few excuses that, while fabricated, won't have anyone questioning you for using 'em. I must say, as someone who hates missing work, and poor excuses for doing so, this crushed my soul a bit... ENJOY!

Six Good (But Not Real) Excuses For Missing Work

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