Is there anything in the world that makes you feel more like a kid than going sledding? With snow arriving in Iowa this week, it won't be long before we start seeing people busting out their favorite sleds and heading out to their favorite hill to slide down. Sledding has to be one of the most innocent, makes you feel like a child again, activities of all time. Other than a hill with snow on it, it doesn't take much to enjoy sliding down a hill at top speeds.

There's an unlimited number of things you can use as a sled. Sometimes the more unique the item, the more fun the sledding experience. When I was younger, I remember seeing some older kids using a lazy boy couch to sled down the hill by my house. I remember thinking that was the coolest thing at the time. You've probably seen all kinds of different things used for sleds in your lifetime.

Every year it seems someone goes viral on the internet for using an item you'd never expect as a sled. I've seen canoes crash into trees at the bottom of sledding hills and bathtubs full of people being pulled behind a truck on city streets. There's no limit to things people will do to have a little bit of fun and if you're going sledding, the more unique the sled... the better. Some people hate the snow and that's understandable but plenty of Iowans have found great ways to have some fun with it.

All of these items used as sleds were sent in by Iowans and I'm curious how many of these you've tried using.

Homemade Sleds

How many of these unique sleds have you tried using?

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