Who said that laying on the couch all day and watching TV won't get you anywhere in life? It can certainly get you some free food from Burger King!

You are already sitting in front of your TV all the time right now, so you just need to pay attention a little more and have your phone ready if you want a free whopper. Burger King is offering a free whopper to people watching TV! Okay, there is more to it than that.

Basically, Burger King has put a QR code in their TV advertisements that once it comes across the screen, you use your phone and open the Burger King app (yes, you need to download it) and scan the code to claim the offer of a free whopper. There are a few other strings attached such as you do have to buy something else in order to get this deal but honestly every burger needs a side of fries, right? The other string is that Burger King is only doing this with the first 10,000 Whooper deals...so, pay attention and get on it!

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