New year, New Decade, and yet same stupidity when it comes to viral challenges.

According to People, Officials in Massachusetts are warning parents all across the country of a new viral trend that originated from TikTok. If you don't know what TikTok is, it's a social media platform where people can put together short videos of dances, challenges, songs, etc. and the app helps to add effects and edit and then share it across all platforms. The newest video trend to come from this involves a penny and an electrical outlet (because that isn't a recipe for disaster).

Basically, the video is of people putting a penny behind a phone charger plugged into a wall. Why? Well, all we can link it to is pure boredom and stupidity. When this penny hits hits the metal prongs, sparks occur which can lead to injury and even fires. At this time there are two reported fires with this as the cause just in the state of Massachusetts.

Parents in Iowa, beware of this challenge to avoid serious injury or fire.

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