Never has the slogan "the incredible, edible, egg" been more appropriate. Well, to be honest, you don't want to eat the egg found recently in New York. It's 72 years old and came bearing a special message.

KCCI reports that about 20 years ago, John Amalfitano found the unusual egg at his former neighbor's house, the man who originally purchased the egg. Why save an egg? Because written on it were these words; "Marry Foss, Forest City, Iowa. Whoever finds this egg, please write." The message was written on the egg in 1951 prior to being shipped to the East Coast. Neither Amalfitano nor his old neighbor could track down Mary Foss. That is until he used the power of social media.

KCCI reports that Amalfitano posted in a Facebook group called 'Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared' and the post went viral. After thousands of comments and shares, Amalfitano was able to track down Mary's daughter, who passed along that her mother was now living in Mason City, Iowa. After 72 years, Mary Foss was reunited with the little egg she wrote on all those years ago.

Mary told KCCI that she forgot about writing on the egg, but now enjoys the fact it has brought her a new friend. No one involved in the story knows how the egg has survived 72 years intact. Mary's take? She told KCCI "they must of had a good refrigerator!" All hail the incredible, non-edible egg!

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