It seems to be the season of giving already here in Iowa with all of the stories coming out about people raising money for charities whether intentionally or unintentionally. Of course, all of this started with Carson King holding up a sign at ESPN's college game day, asking for money for Busch Light and then raising so much money he decided to donate it all to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. Well, this seems to have sparked a domino affect of charitable acts, including an Iowa ice cream shop.

Goldie's Ice Cream Shoppe is in Prairie City, Iowa and has hopped on this giving back game. The Shoppe recently created a Busch-Light Flavored Ice Cream that they are selling until Monday for charity. That's right, Busch-Light Flavored Ice Cream! If you are skeptical about this and how it will taste, well according to Goldie's many people have been surprised by the taste and say it's not too bad.

So, go ahead and enjoy Iowa's favorite beer in ice cream form and eat it for a good cause!

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