Iowa State is getting the country to turn their heads to the middle.

Iowa State's win over Baylor on Saturday for it's 5th straight win and moved the Cyclones up 5 spots in the national rankings to number 18.

The biggest take away from the game was clearly a brawl that broke out in the 3rd quarter. Whether any fight is good or bad for football, there is no bad publicity. SBNation provides a map that shows what teams are trending nation wide. Here is a look at how the country feels about each team going into week 1.

Week 1 seems like people are pretty high about their local teams. Both Iowa State and Iowa are represented well in our great state.

Compare that to week 11. As we approach Thanksgiving, you can see that Iowa State has gained many followers throughout the nation. Unfortunately Michigan and Arizona State are winning over Iowa. But Iowa State has started popping up over the country. Instates like Oregon, Montana, Texas, Hawaii, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia and parts of Nebraska, and Oklahoma.

And as a bonus, hats off to the Iowa State Marching Band for their Space Jam themed performance on Saturday.

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