An Iowa man has been taken into custody after he made multiple attempts to allegedly stalk his victim. The technology he used turned out to be what caught him in the end.

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Carl Shawver of Bettendorf was arrested earlier this month after he was accused of placing Apple AirTags on a woman's car.

An Apple AirTag is a small circular object that you can use as a tracking device. Some people put them in bags or their vehicles so that they can track them down in case they lose them.

It has GPS capabilities and can be connected to other Apple products.

According to reports, the victim (whose identity will remain anonymous) discovered an AirTag on top of their spare tire earlier this month. They were made aware to this device after her phone sent her an alert that she was being tracked by a "GPS device."


The device was taken into West Des Moines police evidence. The very next day, Shawver appeared at the police station and claimed he was married to the victim.

Reports confirm that Shawver and the victim NEVER had a relationship and that she had actually blocked his number.

Officials say that the victim reported two more instances of Shawver leaving AirTags in various locations on her vehicle. Each time she would bring it to the police, the very next day he would appear in the parking lot of the police station...

...conveniently where the AirTag was left.

The Bettendorf man has been charged with stalking and unauthorized use of GPS, according to reports. He is currently being held in Polk County Jail with a hearing scheduled for December 19th.

This remains an ongoing investigation, so we will keep you updated as the story develops.

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