What's that phrase? Always leave something better than how you got it? Or does it go more like; don't get into a car chase with Iowa police in a car that's not even yours. Well, I don't know about you, but the latter is exactly what my parents told me growing up.

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There are just a few moments where I start to think that Iowa might be the Florida of the Midwest. One Iowa man, close to Ankeny, Iowa was in for the ride of his life on March 25th, 2021. The Thursday evening incident started when an Iowa state trooper clocked a driver going almost one-hundred miles per hour on Interstate 35 north of Des Moines.

Quickly the officer was off in an attempt to pursue the speeder. The suspect was in a rented Maserati when this whole thing went down. The driver, John Burgoyne from Des Moines, did not pull over for approximately TWO WHOLE HOURS. Burgoyne lost the state trooper somewhere in Story County when he went down a quiet, rural road.

However, after weaving in and out of four counties Burgoyne was finally caught in a farm close to Cambridge, IA.

And surprise, surprise...he ended up getting several charges for this wild ride. One of them just happened to be failing to return his rental car. Only in Iowa, am I right?

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