Whether you use guns to go hunting for game or keep them around your house for protection, I think every gun owner should invest in some type of gun lock. I grew up around plenty of guns as my family enjoys various types of hunting and in our house, we had a big heavy-duty gun safe. To unlock it, you needed the use the key on the top lock and bottom lock to gain access inside the safe.

Now, not everyone has the means to own a big expensive gun safe. They can be costly and they may even be difficult to get into your home depending on the size. What everyone can afford is a free gunlock, which are currently available at the Iowa City Police Department.

Howcast via YouTube
Howcast via YouTube

For anyone who would like a free gun lock, all you have to do is go to the front desk at the Iowa City Police Department and simply ask for one. According to Iowa City, the front desk is staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and these free locks will be given away as long as supplies last.

The Iowa City PD "strongly recommends that community members with firearms in their homes keep them secured." Securing a gun is a simple step every gun owner can take to ensure the firearm is used safely and to help prevent any accidents that may occur.

According to Iowa City, 1 in 10 gun deaths are children and teens, which was the leading cause of death for American children, teens, and young adults in 2019.

While a gun lock/trigger lock won't necessarily prevent theft of the gun, it will prevent unauthorized users from firing the gun. It could be argued that this could also prevent gun theft, as any intruder might not waste their time trying to steal a gun that they won't be able to use, however, this is not a guarantee for gun theft prevention.

Whether it be a young child, a home intruder, or a pet, gun locks or a lock box are the safest storage options for having guns in the home and preventing accidental use of the gun.

Gun locks come in various shapes and sizes, and the free gun locks available at the Iowa City PD come in the form of a cable lock. They look like this one!

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