An Iowa couple from Tama County, Iowa, is suing C6-Zero after a plant explosion at the Marengo location, back in December of 2022, which injured at least 10 people. If you're unfamiliar with C6-Zero, according to the C6-Zero website, they are a company that "delivers environmentally sound, economically advantageous, and high performing fuel solutions to improve your enterprise. Their product is insured & bonded for quality."  In simpler terms, C6-Zero uses old roofing shingles to create biodiesel products.

KCRG reports the explosion which took place at the plant "blew Kelly Regenold off a ladder and across the floor of the building. The subsequent fire destroyed the building and {Kelly} barely escaped with his life."

Kelly has also suffered from severe burns that have left him with scarring and disfigurement. The burns cover 30-90% of his body.

It's hard to not be sympathetic to this couple, isn't it? If I suffered some kind of permanent life-altering damage due to an accident that was caused at work, I'd likely want to get to the bottom of the story as well. This leads me to ask a few questions; was this some kind of operational error on Kelly's part? Was there improper use of equipment while on the job? The couple says no.

According to KCRG, Kelly and his wife Tammy believe C6-Zero did not take the "proper precautions and did not meet state or national standards for providing a safe working environment." The couple believes that this fire has and will continue to cause future physical pain, mental anguish, mind and body scarring, health care costs, past and future damages, etc, according to the lawsuit.

According to KCRG, the couple is hoping to receive fair and reasonable compensation, as well as punitive damages against the companies that may prevent them and others from doing the same.

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