One Wisconsin house is giving people the ick.

A lot of us scroll through Zillow looking at pretty houses that we'll never be able to afford. Open floor plans, a welcoming look, beautiful exterior.

Not every house on the market is like this and that's where the Nightmare On Zillow Street Facebook group gets entertaining. They post listings of some of the most haunted-looking, ratchet Zillow listings in the country, including several in the Midwest.

One of their most recent targets is a house in Denmark, Wisconsin.

The Zillow listing says it's at N698 County Road Ab. It's a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house with forced air and heat and 936 sq. ft. of "liveable area".

The listing calls it a "blank canvas" (we know what that means) and sounds extremely hopeful:

This 3-bedroom, 1-bath home is a blank canvas awaiting your vision and expertise. Perfect flip opportunity as this property offers endless possibilities to transform and customize. Embrace the opportunity to design your dream space. Bring your tools and imagination to this promising fixer-upper!

That's putting it very mildly. Folks on the internet agree that the house's former residents had to have been hoarders. Seemingly everything that's left in the house is in awful condition. There also seems to be a small door randomly in the wall of a bedroom?

It's the kind of house that makes you think "what in the world happened in here?"

Scroll down to see pictures of the 'Nightmare On Zillow Street' house in Denmark, Wisconsin!

Inside The Wisconsin House That's A 'Nightmare On Zillow Street'

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