According to Sex and Psychology, 77% of people have fantasized about "getting it on" in a motor vehicle. There's a bit of risk involved which for some, can make the act that much more exciting and intense. I wonder if movies and tv shows have had an impact on the popularization of getting it on in a car. You see scenes like this involving cars, going to "the makeout spot", and abandoned parking lots all the time on your television screen.

Probably not when I stop to think about it. I'm sure people were getting frisky in their horse and buggies way before television was around.  While it can make for an exciting rendezvous for those involved, what exactly is the punishment for being caught getting it on in your car in Iowa?

Unsplash - Olav Tvedt
Unsplash - Olav Tvedt

Getting caught doing the deed in your car, in a public place, would be nothing short of a nightmare. Not only can it cost you money and have a lasting effect on you for at least 10 years of your life, but the embarrassment alone would have me hiding under a rock for eternity. As risky and exciting as this might be for some people, you can get into a lot of trouble if you're caught.

Indecent Exposure Laws in Iowa

Shouse Law reports that "No jurisdiction in the U.S. has a law that specifically states that it is a crime for people to have sex in a car." However, you could be charged with various other offenses; Lewd Conduct in Public, public indecency, public lewdness, indecent exposure, or disorderly conduct. Public nudity or public sexual acts in Iowa can lead to an arrest for indecent exposure.

According to Legis Iowa, you could receive is a serious misdemeanor if you are charged with indecent exposure. Iowa Code section 709.9 states

A person who exposes the person’s genitals or pubes to another not the person’s spouse, or who commits a sex act in the presence of or view of a third person, commits a serious misdemeanor, if:
1. The person does so to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of either party; and
2. The person knows or reasonably should know that the act is offensive to the viewer.

Being charged with Indecent exposure could lead to a jail sentence of 1 year, as well as a fine anywhere from $350-$1,875 and probation, according to Find Law. As bad as all of those might be, that isn't the worst of it. If you are convicted of violating Iowa's indecent exposure laws, you're required to register as a sex offender for a minimum of 10 years.

Yikes! Iowa does not mess around with indecent exposure and neither should you. As exciting as steaming up the windows might seem at the time, you'll probably want to wait until you can get to the privacy of your own home. That or open up "hotels near me" on your smartphone's map.

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