Toys are the one thing that never go out of style. For kids, it is all about the imagination so they really don't care what exactly they have to play with and it is interesting what they are interested in playing with. Who knew that the similarities between parents and kids extend all the way to what toys they like to play with?

A new survey asked parents what toys they played with as kids that their kids also played with growing up and there were are lot more similarities than you think! The top 10 toys to stay relevant to this day are below. Did your kids play with these as well as yourself?


2. Mr. Potato Head

3. troll dolls- I mean with the trolls movie, this really isn't surprising.

4. My Little Pony

5. Furby- Who else found these things creepy as a kid?

6. puzzles

7.  toy phone- Now-a-days, kids have their own phones at like 2, so this one may not be relevant.

8. Bop It

9. building blocks- there are whole stores devoted to legos, this isn't surprising.

10. bicycles

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