So I was watching one of those Bridezilla shows this week because they are so addictive and like a train wreck you can't look away from, (FYI: Women, your wedding days will not be perfect so stop trying to make them perfect), and I was surprised by a few things. One: How much weddings cost and the amount of people that don't have budgets (I mean where is your money tree and can I have some?). Two: The amount of time that some brides put into their weddings!

I have never been married and I have been in a few weddings but I never realized how much time some people put into planning a wedding. I know most people wait a year to get married, but do you have to use every day to plan?

According to a new survey, you really don't need that much time to plan a wedding. The average couple spends 528 hours planning their wedding. That is the same as 66 full, eight-hour workdays or 3 months. Now, if your not an average couple and like to go above and beyond for your wedding then yeah, maybe you need the full year and plenty of money.

For those of you who are recently engaged, about to get engaged or just single and want to get married, make sure you have 528 hours free to plan a decent wedding!

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