My very first trip to Nashville was one that I won't ever forget.

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After having a large chunk of my early 20's consumed by the anxieties of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided that I would do something to really celebrate my 25th birthday.

To put things in perspective I turned 22 in March of 2020...absolutely not the best birthday of all time.

My big gift to myself was a trip with some friends to Nashville, Tennessee! I had no clue how much I would love Music City. Obviously, I hit up all of the typical tourist attractions, museums, and bars...

But there was something that was not a part of the typical 1st time Nashville itinerary; a custom hat. I scrolled through social media looking for the perfect place to get a new hat and found the perfect place.

Located right in the Gulch is Rustler Hat Co., Nashville's "premiere custom hat experience." This custom hat bar allows you to fully create a hat for your very own unique style.

They accept walk-ins and reservations. I ventured over to the store at Sunday around 4pm hoping I could do a walk in session and it wasn't too crowded! Weekdays are always less busy than the weekends.

Here are their hours:

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Saturday & Sunday

Kerri Mac
Kerri Mac

Not only can you design your own hat, but they also offer a "private bar experience" where you can get creative with this new staple in your wardrobe with a group. This is ideal for bachelorette parties or corporate events.

Now Let's Dive Into Making Your Own Custom Hat

I went into this place with the understanding that it wouldn't be a cheap experience. Before even going to Nashville I knew about how much I was willing to spend and tried to stick to that.

Also, hats are a part of my normal closet, so I knew I'd be wearing this new accessory frequently. If you are willing to INVEST in a nice hat, then this is an experience for you.

You are allowed to bring one person along with you AND you get a complimentary drink with the appointment!

attachment-Image - 2023-03-13T205012.777

There are several different tiers of hats. Some of them are more customizable than others. I went for the lower tier level of hat because I knew I'd want to add a bunch of different little touches to it.

I got the 100% Australian wool and straw lined one which is pre-creased. These start at $195. Read more about the other hat options here.

After sizing you for a hat, then you get to the fun part...actually picking out what kind of little accessories you want on it. I went for a more neutral color with the white braid with a little line of white beads.


Kerri Mac
Kerri Mac

Then I decided to add a pop of color with a few tiny feathers.

Some people stop there, but I was set on heating things up...

My next step was to burn the brim and the top to give it an aged look.

With an expert of course...

AND to top it all off I got the number '25' branded on the inside of my hat as a cute little celebration of my 25th birthday!

All of the staff members on duty that day were so pleasant to collaborate and made for such an amazing experience. You can watch a brief video recapping my experience getting a hat at Rustler Hat Co. down below!

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