Oh fall, you bring some of my favorite things: cold weather, bonfires, plaids and of course seasonal drinks! But what is THE signature fall drink?

If you aern't a fan of pumpkin spice products like me, you would probably agree with apple cider ( although I am not of fan of it hot, yuck). I mean it just SCREAMS fall with the whole apple orchards and picking and scarecrows ( or at least that is the image that comes to my mind).

However, there are those of you who are OBSESSED  with pumpkin spice products ranging all the way from pumpkin spice candles to lattes. So, of course you will argue this is the signature drink because it is essential to fall and especially October.

But, which drink reigns champion over the coveted fall title? According to a new survey from YouGov, Hot Apple Cider takes the win! People were asked which they prefer and 31%  said hot apple cider whereas 25% said pumpkin spice latte's. Of course there was also the 37% who said I don't like either of them and 7% who "didn't know" but we don't talk about them.

Do you agree on the fall drink of 2019?

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