So, I love to eat. MAN do I love to eat. I believe that makes me a foodie? Well, right now without the ability to pop into one of my favorite Cedar Valley eateries on a whim, like you, I'm pretty bummed. But I am also discovering the joys of food delivery. By the way, right now, you can enjoy FREE delivery from local restaurants through DoorDash. Just sayin'. I've tried a few new dishes and restaurants I'd maybe not otherwise visit, however, I'm not trying new dishes, per say. I'm still eating what I know I like even if I'm trying a new place. I also assumed most of my fellow Iowan's were doing the same.

That's why I was SHOCKED when I saw a Fox News report claiming Iowa's favorite take out dish is... 'Large poké bowl'. WHAT?! I don't even know what that is... Is this what happens when a Pokemon becomes a chef? (PS - according to Wikipedia, it's a Hawaiian staples, and essentially a way to prepare sushi).

I did my homework and discovered, based on places in Iowa serving poké bowl's, that the dish is very popular in college towns. In fact, a quick Google search revealed 5 options in Iowa City alone. Closer to home, Greenhouse Kitchen popped up, but no menu item is actually referred to as a 'poké bowl' on their website. Still, if their bowls count as a poké bowl, I'm all about trying one. Hey, gotta keep an open mind AND support local establishments during this difficult time.

Bon appetit!

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