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Raise your hand up high if you've been watching a lot of tv during the pandemic. 🙋 #GuiltyOverHere.  Now, give a big 'ol "Good Answer!" if you've applied to be on a game show in the last few months.  That might be a stretch for most of us but if it has always been your dream to be on tv, today is your very lucky day.  The very popular game show, Family Feud, shared on their website that they are looking for the next family for their fun and energetic show.

📺 If you are jumping up and down right now super excited and wondering what family members would make the best team...you should apply!  It can be tough to get on the show though so before you start texting family, check out these tips that will help you secure a spot on the famous game show.👇

Tip to get on the game show 'Family Feud'

Need a little more inspiration for your audition video?  Here's a few amazing audition videos that might help you out a bit...

Now that you've got the tips and had a chance to see what some other hopeful contestants have done, now it is your turn!  Get your team together, text that crazy aunt that makes you laugh, and sign up here.  If you do get the amazing call to audition in person, those are being done via Zoom right now due to COVID-19.

To help you out and see some families in the game for real, I found a great YouTube video that showcasing some great clips.


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