Here's a way to make a new friend or, at least, have a stranger tell you to leave them the heck alone! There's a new trend online where people are texting their 'number neighbor' that is, the person whose phone number is one digit different than yours.

Like if your number is 867-5308, you'd text the person whose number is 867-5309. (Rumor has it someone named Jenny has this number?)

Anyway, people are posting screenshots of their text conversations with their number neighbors on social media, and the responses really run the gamut, from people having great conversations to people getting cursed out... I'd likely not answer. Sorrrrry. If you do decide to try this, remember that your exact number likely exists somewhere else in the US with a different area code, so the person with a digit one off from yours will too. Be sure you add the area code. Be it 319, 563, etc.

(Additional Info: Mashable)

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