With the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the states, many people are are being quarantined in their homes either voluntarily or involuntarily to avoid more outbreaks. These quarantines are have been lasting at least 14 days especially for those who have just returned from China.

If you must end up being quarantined to your home for 2 weeks, you will want to be prepared. Here are some tips that you should have for your "home-quarantined emergency kit."

1. Have a supply of food for at least 14 days focusing on canned foods and non-perishable items.

2. The American Red Cross recommends that you have a gallon of water per day for each person and your pets in your home. The most important thing is to stay hydrated.

3. Keep multiple hygienic products on hands including hand sanitizer, tissues, toilet paper, soap, feminine products, diapers, etc.

4. Think ahead and get any prescriptions that are necessary in a 30 day supply.

5. Keep a first aid kit with bandages, pain pills, disinfectant and more to treat serious and non-serious injuries.

6. Get copies of your medical records just in case.

7. Also make sure to have things to keep you and your loved ones occupied including games, books, music, and so on.

Read more about what to put in your emergency kits here.

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