*This entire story is meant to be for fun, these are not meant for public roads* 

This might be a great way to start saving money on gas. This seems like something that would and could only happen in Iowa. Many people around the U.S associate a few things with Iowa and Iowans; corn, the Iowa Hawkeyes, Busch Light, farmers markets, Hyvee, Casey's Pizza, Kwik Star gas stations, and Ashton Kutcher. Is this something we can add to our list of "Iowa things?"

I was scrolling through Youtube videos on my phone last night and I came across this video I had to show you. This is a video from last year but in case you missed it, it's a good one. This video became such a viral hit, it was featured on the Daily Mail UK. I'm actually pretty jealous of this girl... when I was younger I wanted one of these cars so bad.

This woman out of Shell Rock, Iowa, drove her sister's toy car up to Kwik Star gas station to grab herself some snacks. If you're unfamiliar with Shell Rock, it's a small town with a population of about 1,300 people, just west of Waverly.

You can hear the woman in the video talk about giving the toy car's battery a boost for her little sister, so it wouldn't run out of juice too quickly. Then what started out as a joke of having her take it for a spin up to the gas station, ends up being a viral video. I think she's right when she says she's just "trying to save money on gas."


I know in smaller towns you're likely to find people driving the ATVs and UTVs to gas stations but have you ever seen someone pull up in a pink power wheels jeep? This is the most small-town Iowa thing of all time and I'm all for it. If I could buzz around in one of these on the regular, I totally would.

Since moving to the state of Iowa 8 months ago I've really grown to love the people who live here. Everyone has been so kind and the people here really prove what Iowa nice is all about. I will say, I've never quite seen anything like this in my 31 years of life. Looks like I'll be headed to Walmart after work to track down one of these toy cars.

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