Coronavirus is here and unfortunately staying for a while. It has been classified as a global pandemic which basically means that it is spreading quickly across the globe. With this being the case, many people are starting to panic and prepare for the end of the world by stocking up on food, water, toilet paper and medical masks.

While you should be prepared, there are also reasons to not panic but rather be prepared. Of course the Coronavirus is not good news but there are some things to keep in mind when hearing about the illness to stop worldwide panic. Thanks to The Conversation, here are 10 reasons to not panic about the illness and give you an ease of mind:

1. The illness has been identified and there is research on what the illness actually is which is the first step to identifying and solving the problem.

2. There is a test to detect the virus so no one goes unknown on whether on not you have the virus.

3. The situation has improved from the source in China with isolation members and the cases being diagnosed has gone down in numbers which means it will get better.

4. 80% of the ceases that have occurred are mild not critical.

5. With mild cases, people are recovering from the illness. There are some deaths but most who are infected have survived and are healed.

6.  For children, symptoms are mild and in some cases don't even occur and they have the lowest mortality rate.

7. Surfaces can be wiped clean of the virus with cleaning products in order to keep it from spreading.

8. Scientists and doctors are using all their resources and efforts to cure the illness and keep it from spreading. They are on top of it.

9. Vaccine prototypes are in the works with over eight projects working on a vaccine.

10. There are over 80 clinical trials looking to find antiviral trials that work to treat Coronavirus.

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