Everyone loves a good sandwich- I mean that is basically the definition of lunch. We all have our favorites and we all put weird stuff on them influenced from where we grew up. So, what sandwiches became our favorites that were influenced by our state?

Well, there is a new list that just came out with each state's most iconic sandwiches and half of them I really don't know, but there are a few that are probably predictable. Such as, lobster roll in Maine or the cheesesteak in Pennsylvania. However, some odd ones include the Fluffernutter sandwich in Massachusetts and the Elvis sandwich in Tennessee (I am guessing this one includes peanut butter).

But, what is Iowa's most iconic sandwich? The winner is the Loose Beef sandwich! Heard of it? For those of us not from Iowa,  it's basically a sloppy joe without the sauce because Iowa's meat is much more tastier. The Loose Beef sandwich is flavorful ground beef with onions and paprika and on a bun. Actually, this sounds real good!

So, if you haven't tried the Iowa Iconic Sandwich, give it a try and while you are at it, check out the rest of the sandwiches that made the list for new ideas on what to eat!

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