Look, I get it.... Horror movies aren't for everyone. Some people just can't deal with gore, death and having a mini heart attack every time a jump scene occurs. However, that does not mean they should have to miss out on some Halloween fun, right?

I mean there are TONS of Halloween movies out there that have nothing to do with horror and are plain old fun with the holiday spirit thrown in. Who said you have to watch horror movies to get into the spirit? For sure not me, since I used to be afraid of EVERYTHING scary.... but I got through it with some fun, creepy movies instead like Hocus Pocus.

Unfortunately, these tamer Halloween movies are not talked about as much so they are hard to find but I am here to help you out. Rather Vulture.com is with a list of 15 Halloween movies for "scaredy-cats."

1.  "Addams Family Values"

2.  "Edward Scissorhands"

3.  "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

4.  "Labyrinth"

5.  "Ghostbusters"

6.  "Beetlejuice"

7.  "Scooby-Doo"

8.  "Jennifer's Body"

9.  "The Craft"

10.  "Clue"

11.  "Death Becomes Her"

12.  "Hocus Pocus"

13.  "Casper"

14.  "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

15.  "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

Welcome to the club "scaredy-cats!" Enjoy your movies!

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