You might want to grab a box of tissues for this one.

It was a sad, sad day on Wednesday (Jan. 22nd) when nut lovers everywhere found out the most famous nut, Mr. Peanut, died during a pre-Super Bowl ad.

That's right, this top hat wearing, eye-glass fancy peanut is seen in an ad in the NUTmobile with his friends Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh driving and then going off a cliff. The threesome end up catching on a tree branch that was too weak to hold them all. So Mr. Peanut sacrifices himself and falls to his death. Check out the video below.

Mr. Peanut has been around bringing love to peanut lovers everywhere for 104 years. There has been no comment as to why the company has killed off Mr. Peanut at this time. However, during the third quarter of the Super Bowl this year there will be a full ad showing a funeral honoring the famous nut.


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