Gabby Barrett is sporting a unique piece of of jewelry these days, and it was gifted to her by her husband, Cade Foehner, on Mother's Day.

Barrett spilled all the details of the piece of jewelry, which is a ring, to TC & Dina B at Audacy's Leading Ladies. She revealed that the ring contains some of her breast milk, which serves as decoration, and it is also adorned with her daughter Baylah's birthstone.

Foehner surprised Barrett with the gift for her second Mother's Day.

"This ring that I have on, this white part is breast milk that you can save and preserve as a gift for mothers, and then the top is her birthstone," she reveals. "My husband got it for me because he knew that I really wanted to do that. Breastfeeding can be such a special thing for mothers, especially on Mother's Day and things like that, so it was the perfect gift to get me. It's something that, maybe, I can pass down someday."

Barrett also used Mother's Day as an opportunity to share exciting news with fans: She and Foehner are expecting their second child, a boy, soon. The singer reveals to the radio hosts that she is now in her second trimester, and she dished some of the ways she stays comfortable while performing pregnant.

“Right now, I’m wearing stretchy pants, definitely around the waist," she says. "Trying to find things that are stylish, but comfortable. It gets to a point in the pregnancy where it’s hard to breathe. When the baby is on top of your diaphragm and everthing's being pushed up. It does get hard, but I am in the beginning of my second trimester where I can still breathe.”

The couple's first child, Baylah May, was born in January 2021, so the two are now seasoned parents. Foehner also tours with Barrett as her guitarist, and she shed light on how they collaborate as parents and musicians.

“We definitely try to work together as best as we can," she says. "We do music together. He plays the guitar, I sing, it's kind of like Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, musically."

"We work together really well, and we have very strong values in our family," she adds. "We make sure that people know that and share that with everybody. That’s kind of our goal with everything."

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