Let's be honest...a food truck park sounds like everyone's favorite type of park. Iowa's very first park of its kind opened for business this weekend.

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Some of the best dining spots don't have a table or booth to saddle up to. Sometimes, the best places to eat are on wheels. Iowa joined an elite club of states that have their own food truck park.

On Saturday, November 13th Iowans welcomed the very first food truck park in the state to Ames. This park aptly called "Parc" opened up this weekend. The entire project and location were set up by Community Choice Credit Union.


Located close to the company's Ames branch east of Lincoln Way, off of Duff Avenue, this 17,400 square feet location can hold between four and seven trucks at a time, according to StoryCounty. 

Parc will be open daily going forward.


Several restaurants in the Cedar Valley have recently made the transition from being a food truck to having a brick-and-mortar shop.

Here's What's Poppin' in Waterloo closed several months ago, and recently it's been announced that a new business moving into the location in Downtown Waterloo. It will now be home to the brick-and-mortar location of Hungry Charlie's.

Hungry Charlie's is a food truck that has popped up all around the Cedar Valley for the past year or so; serving gyros, chicken sandwiches, hotdogs, and much more.

Courtesy of Big Head Burger via IG

In the same vein, another Waterloo location is now home to a former eatery that used to be exclusively on wheels. Big Head Burger has been a staple in the Cedar Valley community for years now, so the next logical step for this business is to open a storefront. Located at 324 W 4th Street in Downtown Waterloo, Big Head is now open for business with the same delicious food burgers.

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