For Food Tour Friday this week, I went to the Japanese steakhouse Sakura on University Avenue. Let me preface this with I am not a huge fan of Japanese food because my parents used to take me and my sister often to places back in Ohio and I got burned out of it. However, I was in the mood for it so I met a friend of mine there. I was impressed because when we first got in the door it looked like it would be a long wait but we go sat right away at a grill.

I ordered the hibachi steak with fried rice and the soup and my friend ordered the sushi. Now, I can’t even talk about the sushi because I am not a fan of raw fish and honestly makes me kind of gag but she seemed to like it! I think the best part of these types of restaurants are not even the food, which was delicious by the way, but the experience of watching the cook right in front of you. Between the onion volcano of fire and flipping the spatula and knives around and not hurting themselves, I am always impressed. It was a great time, but if you just want to sit and talk the whole time, I suggest going some place a little quieter where you don’t want to be entertained. Now, I am going to go try some of those cooking tricks in my own home! Well, maybe not, I will probably lose a hand but I just want to look cool while cooking!... Don’t try it at home kids, be smarter than me!

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