It's hard to believe but Fall is almost here! I don't know about you, but Fall is my favorite season of the year! From the changing colors of the leaves to dark nights filled with bonfires, it is the most fun time of the year!

I personally love wearing my flannels everyday, boots and leggings and just enjoying the darker nights happening early. The holiday (Halloween) is definitely a plus as well. However, I am not a fan of the "overrated" trend of pumpkin spice products, I still love everything else about fall. But don't just take my word for why Fall is the best season... take everyone else's as well!

A new survey just asked people what they are excited for about Fall coming and here are the top 10 answers.

1.  The change in the weather

2.  Football coming back- not a football fan, so I could do without this one.

3.  Pumpkin spice foods and drinks- NOOOOO!!!

4.  The leaves changing colors

5.  Lower electric bills

6.  Going apple picking- or pumpkin picking.

7.  Drinking warm drinks- actually, I still prefer cold drinks in the cold... what can I say, I'm weird.

8.  Lots of TV shows coming back- yes! so much more binge-watching material!

9.  Thanksgiving- only if you like Turkey.

10.  Wearing sweaters and baggier clothes- no need to worry about that beach body!

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