Iowa has some incredible and iconic drive in theaters! I for one have been lucky enough to be able to go to a handful of them.

Theaters like 61 Drive In Theatre, Blue Grass Drive-In Theater, Valle Drive In, Superior 71 Drive In Theater are a majority of the great theaters in Iowa.

You have a chance to learn about the drive-in theaters right here in Iowa this month with Tim Kuhlmann. He will give a history lesson on drive-in theaters including local Waterloo and Cedar Falls locations.

The last drive-in here in the Cedar Valley was awesome! I know I and many others were big fans of the pop-up drive in "Reels and Wheels!"

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How much does this event cost?

This fun and educational event cost $3 for adults, $2 for children.

Where is this event?

You can catch this event at the Grout Museum, 503 South St Waterloo. This event was organized by Cedar Valley Historical Society.

If you're a huge fan of drive-ins and want to see what's here in Iowa, here is some more info:

61 Drive In Theatre:

Come see a movie, or two, under the starts at the 61 Drive In Theatre! Can’t wait to see everyone soon at the drive in! #driveinmoviesarethebestmovies

 Blue Grass Drive-In Theater:

Blue Grass Drive-In is beginning our 7th full year serving up movies and popcorn to the Quad Cities area! Come join our family for a multi-screen drive-in experience.

Valle Drive In:

Richard Hollingshead, Jr. of Riverton, New Jersey, is credited with inventing the drive-in concept. After nailing a screen to trees in his backyard, he set a 1928 Kodak projector on the hood of his car and placed a radio behind the screen. Other drive-ins popped up, but this American phenomenon exploded with the introduction of in-car speakers in the 1940s.

Families still flock to drive-ins today for great entertainment at an incredible value. But when you come to Valle, you’ll experience more than just a great movie. You are also celebrating and preserving a slice of Americana.

Superior 71 Drive In Theater:

Two movies back to back for the price of one ( $8 for adults and teens, $4 for children 5-12 and 4 and under and pets are Free)

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