We've all seen those pictures on the web and social media about the 'People of Walmart'. We laugh and laugh, but be warned. Everyone of us has the potential to become a 'Person of Walmart'.

We laugh at those thousands of pictures because, deep down inside, we know that we would NEVER end up on that list. I thought the very same thing.

Yesterday while making a quick trip through my local Walmart, I noticed this woman walking towards me smiling, but I didn't give the moment much thought until the next isle.

We met again. This time it felt a little like one of those 'two ships in the night' moments. Once again she smiled. That's when I took a little longer look. I thought, "Wow, this attractive woman is smiling at me. Me!" So I quickly finished my business in that isle and turned the corner hoping to run into her again.

There she was pushing her cart towards me. I normally don't notice those 'moments', but for some reason, yesterday I did. It made me smile, and I made sure she noticed I was 'into her' as well.

That was followed by another rush job to turn the corner for the next isle. I decided I was going to say, "Hi." No, "Hello." That sounded lame, so I thought, "How you doin'?" Uhm, turn down the creeper factor. "Hi" will do just fine.

But as luck would have it, she never appeared. Slightly anticlimactic, but never-the-less, it made me feel good inside that someone was checking me out. I smiled while I was at the checkout register with my new wave of confidence. I quickly scanned the checkout area. You know,  just to see if I could find my next ex-wife, but there was no siting.

Even the cashier smiled at me. She must have noticed my newfound confidence. Man I'm fire today. One more quick scan in the parking lot, but no luck. I was feeling great. Then I sat down in my vehicle.

Something caught my eye in the rear view mirror. I looked and there it was. The reason for everyone's smile. I had bed head from hell. The wind had blown my hair into such a mess that I looked like I just woke up from a three-day bender. That's when I finally realized why I was getting all these women checking me.

I had just became a member of the 'People from Walmart'.

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