Eric Paslay stopped by the Today Show on Wednesday (Oct. 26) to perform his powerful new single, "Angels in This Town." Wanting to know more about the song, Kathy Gifford asked him, "what kind of angels are we talking about?"

"From the teachers to the first responders, you can't help but thank them to the nurse that helped your loved one from hospice," Paslay explains. "I also believe my faith and stories I've heard, I believe in miracles happening but it's also great to go out and thank everyday angels for doing miracles in each other's lives."

He then played the poignant song, which he wrote with Corey Crowder and Erik Dylan. Accompanied by strings, the song impressed with Paslay's smooth vocals and the uplifting lyrics. Dressed in black — a nod to his forthcoming sophomore album of the same name — Paslay even showed off his fancy footwork while shuffling along throughout his performance.

Leading up to his televised set on Today, Paslay took over ToC's Instagram story throughout the morning.

When he's not touring in support of his new single, the singer makes what he calls "angel visits" at local hospitals and Habitat for Humanity builds.

"We’re stopping by different organizations where the employees and volunteers are truly creating miracles and impacting other people’s lives in the best way. The least I can do is go and thank them personally,” says Paslay in a press release. “Good vibes are contagious, and I hope by visiting places like local fire departments, Habitat for Humanity builds, children’s hospitals and so many others, we inspire positivity in each community and beyond. It’s a real honor for me to be around folks who are doing such good in the world."

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