Starbucks is taking steps to make sure all who work and purchase from them will continue to stay healthy.

Starbucks announced on Wednesday new precautions they will be taking in order to prevent the spread of the highly contagious illness, Coronavirus. Among these precautions which include increasing sanitation regimens and paying extra for the labor required to keep the facility cleaner than normal, only one will affect the paying customers. Starbucks will no longer fill a customer's personal mug with one of their famed drinks.

As most Starbucks members know, you can bring in a personal mug and have a Starbucks employee use that for your drink and it even saves you 10 cents. However to decrease on the spreading of germs and illness, Starbucks will no longer allow it's employees to use a personal mug. There is no word on when this ban will be lifted but if you are worried about that 10 cents off, Starbucks has said if you bring the personal mug in to show you have it to the store they will still allow the discount.


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