Dolly Parton's songs, movie roles and business accomplishments only tell part of her story. The Country Music Hall of Fame singer is famous for her raising, her glam and her contribution to science.

Do you remember what that was?

Think of this Dolly Parton quiz as a mini-biography of the "Jolene" singer. The six questions (found in the video below) will challenge you to name her famous goddaughter and the singer who once tried to take one of Parton's biggest hits before she ever got a chance to record it. Her biggest fans (and there are many) will know five or six right answers, while those still learning about the legend may only get one or two. Heck, you need to be at least 30 years old to remember the answer to question No. 6.

Can you recall how many siblings Parton had growing up or what her childhood was like? Let us know if the video comments section how you score, and subscribe for more country music trivia videos. We have a playlist full of them. Go ahead and test your knowledge on Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood and more.

How Well Do You Know Dolly Parton? Take the Quiz:

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