Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers' friendship was a playful, flirtatious one, as both artists admitted time and again. That dynamic is on display in a newly released clip from one of Parton's eponymous television variety shows, which is premiering exclusively on The Boot.

"This is so much fun, and I knew it would be, because every time I've worked with you, I've had a good time," Parton tells Rogers as they pull up chairs next to each other onstage. By this time in the late 1980s, the pair had already earned a megahit with "Islands in the Stream," their now-classic 1983 duet; recorded a Christmas album together, 1984's Once Upon a Christmas; and released another collaboration, 1985's "Real Love."

Parton explains to Rogers that, at this point in the show, she usually turns the mic over to her audience members, who are encouraged to share good news and ask questions. Would Rogers be willing to take the lead this time around, she wonders, to which he replies asking what sort of queries might be thrown his way.

"They'll probably ask questions like, 'Are they real?' and, 'Has Kenny ever seen 'em?' 'Would he like to?'" Parton gets out before being overcome with laughter for pulling one over on her friend. Rogers, meanwhile, drags his chair out of the spotlight, bemused, as the audience hollers and claps at the moment.

Parton and Rogers would team up one more time in the studio in 2013, for "You Can't Make Old Friends." The two maintained their status as one of country music's most famous friendships right up until Rogers' death in March, which Parton admitted caught her by surprise.

"It just shocked me, and I was very emotional about it for several days," Parton admitted in the weeks after Rogers died. "Now I've kind of put it in a peaceful place, knowing that he’s at peace."

WATCH: Kenny Rogers + Dolly Parton Were Adorable Together

This clip of Parton and Rogers is one small piece of a treasure trove of Parton interviews, television clips and more, dubbed Dolly: The Ultimate Collection. The 35-hour, 19-DVD set from Time Life includes footage from Parton's time on The Porter Wagoner Show and her two TV variety shows, a documentary, two full concerts, a Christmas-focused DVD, interviews with Parton's friends and collaborators, a new interview with the country icon herself and more.

"It’s been an amazing journey and you’ll find some of my most precious highlights included here in this collection,” Parton says in a press release. “What a delightful trip down memory lane ... just the hairstyles and outfits alone are worth a look, and I'm surprised there are still any rhinestones left in this world!"

Dolly: The Ultimate Collection comes in a robin's egg blue box and also includes a collector's book of photos and words from Parton and her pals. It's available at

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