One of all of our favorite pastimes is logging online and checking out house listings. Who doesn't love dreaming up situations where you can afford multimillion dollar homes? I love logging on to Zillow or some other website and plugging in a random location and checking out a listing.

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It's fun to get a little peak into a whole other person's life with this. After falling through one of my Zillow rabbit holes the other day, I found this absolutely gorgeous home.

Kase Real Estate
Kase Real Estate

According to the listing, it is a 1929 Revived Spanish home in Los Angeles, California. Some of the other interesting things about this piece is the open concept living space, and the brightness of the entire home. It's listed for $1,777,777, and has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The home is only a short drive from Beverly Hills, so it's a perfect home base for celeb sightings.

This listing seems too perfect, doesn't it? Well, it is about to get A MILLION TIMES more awesome. One of the big attractions for this house isn't the yard or the master bedrooms, but the furry friend who makes an appearance throughout the photo presentation on the listing.

Kase Real Estate
Kase Real Estate

Migo, this adorable dog pops up in different locations around the house. It's almost a Where's Waldo but for real estate. Due to Migo's popularity the listing had to include the warning that," Migo (Dog) not included but he will be here to welcome you!"

This leaves me with so many questions...

Whose dog is it?

Is the dog the real estate agent?

Can dogs get their real estate license?

Los Angeles Home Listing Features Adorable Dog

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