It's baseball season. I'm a Twins fan. Have been since I was old enough to (kinda) understand the sport of Baseball. But since moving to Iowa I have talked to many baseball fans. Most are Cubs fans. A lot pull for the Twins like me. Some for Cardinals... Royals or even New York Yankees since they're so well known . But I haven't talked to ANYONE who likes the White Sox. Seems that there could be a reason, the White Sox are one of a handful of professional sports teams actually LOSING its fanbase.

In fact, the four big US sports the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB have all seen a decline in total attendance over the past decade, mostly because it's become so easy to watch games at home, either on TV or streaming.

And the at-home experience keeps improving with technology, while the stadium experience is getting even MORE expensive. But not all teams are losing fans at an equal rate. Some have seen average attendance declines of more than a THIRD over the last decade.

The site used attendance data from ESPN over the past decade and here are the 12 pro sports teams that have seen the biggest drop in attendance, with the teams' records from 10 years ago and now. While the White Sox are on the list as you'll see, they're not the worst off. Check it out:

1.  The Detroit Tigers, MLB, attendance change from 2008 to 2018:  -41.3%

2008:  74-88  2018:  64-98

2.  The Tampa Bay Rays, MLB, attendance change:  -35.9%

2008:  97-65  2018:  90-72, which are both great records.

3.  The Philadelphia Phillies, MLB, attendance change:  -35.3%

2008:  92-70  2018:  80-82

4.  The Chicago White Sox, MLB, attendance change:  -34.9% (Good for 4th worst)

2008:  89-74  2018:  62-100

5.  The Washington Redskins, NFL, attendance change:  -31.1%

2008:  8-8  2018:  7-9

6.  The Ottawa Senators, NHL, attendance change:  -23.2%

2008:  36-35-11  2018:  29-47-6

7.  The Cincinnati Bengals, NFL, attendance change:  -21.4%

2008:  4-11-1 2018:  6-10

8.  The Cincinnati Reds, MLB, attendance change:  -20.9%

2008:  74-88  2018:  67-95

9.  The Phoenix Suns, NBA, attendance change:  -17%

2008:  46-36  2018:  19-63

10.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL, attendance change:  -15.7%

2008:  9-7  2018:  5-11

11.  The Carolina Hurricanes, NHL, attendance change:  -13.6%

2008:  45-30-7 2018:  46-29-7

12.  The Indianapolis Colts, MLB, attendance change:  -10.8%

2008:  12-4  2018:  10-6

It's worth pointing out that the Top 12 includes two teams from Tampa Bay and two teams from Cincinnati.


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