As we are approaching the month of Halloween (yes it's a month to me not just a day), it's spooky season time which means time for all the local legends to be told. Here is one for all Iowans... the legend of the "Black Angel."

The Black Angel is in Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City and over 8 feet tall. It is above the graves of Theresa and Nicholas Feldevert and Theresa's first son Edward. While angels aren't unusual to be found in cemeteries, over the years this one has become more eerie looking than most. The statue has become a dark and looming figure due to the bronze oxidization making the statue appear very dark and lending itself to the main character of local legends.

As years have gone on, many legends have been created around this statue. Legend has it that a pregnant woman should never walk under the angel or she will lose the child. Legend as it that if you touch or kiss the statue, you will be dead within six months, unless you are a virgin. The statue is believed to be haunted and cursed to all who come near it. Of course, over the years many vandals and kids trying to get a scare out of each other have caused much damage to the statue but the legends, however they started, still remain.

Have you heard this legend or been to this site? Whether you believe it or not, beware to all those who choose to investigate. It may not be the guardian angel you are thinking of.

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