Tory Cordes kicked off his 2017 racing season at the Independence Motor Speedway with a $1,000 payday winning the Spring Break Opener on April 8, 2017.

Cordes moved into the lead during the IMCA Performance Bodies Modified main event on lap three. Mark Schulte applied heavy pressure in the closing laps, but it was Cordes who was first to the checkered flag during the twenty-five lap A-Main. Schulte settled for second. Scott Hogan raced in the top five all night and finished third. Adam Johnson moved from a fourteenth starting spot to finish fourth, and Jason Morehouse finished a great night by rounding out the top five.

The 2016 IMCA Burco Sales Stock Car Track Champion Tom Schmitt wrestled the lead away from early race leader Lynn Panos on lap 14, and raced off to the win. Panos finished second. Justin Temeyer came home third followed by Jarod Weepie and Damon Murty.

Tony Olson led flag-to-flag during the IMCA Albert Auto SportMod A-Main, but the defending track champion had to fend off several challenges to score the victory. Troy Hovey, Gage Neal, Kyle Olson, Jason Schlangen all raced right on the back bumper of Tony Olson. During a lap 13 restart, the running order would see a shake up when Hovey's right rear slide over the cushion as the field dashed off of turn two. That allowed Tony Olson to open a lead and raced off to the win. Neal finished second followed Kyle Olson and Schlangen. Jerry Miles rounded out the top five.

Benji Irvine continued the theme of defending track champions racing into the Budweiser Victory Lane. Irvine started ninth. Irvine was able to snag the lead away from early race leader Daniel Wauters on 11. Wauters tried to steel the lead away in the closing laps, but he had to settle for second. Tyler Ollendieck finished third. Brett Knapp crossed the line in fourth, and Kile Vohoringer started 11th, and rounded out the top five.

Justin Pearson topped a strong field of INEX Legend Cars holding off the pack for the twenty-lap A-Main win. Kim Clover finished second. Rick Harris, Mike Mueller, and Ryan Mech competed the top five.

Donny Erger raced from an 11th place starting position to take the RCZ Enterprises Indee Car win. Brad Cole finished second. 'The Coach' Kurt Hilmer ended the night in third followed by Dallon Murty and Russ Olson.

Racing returns to the Independence Motor Speedway on Saturday, April 15 when the IMCA Deery Brothers Summer Series makes its only visit to the 3/8 dirt oval. The IMCA Performance Bodies Modifieds will race for a $1,000 winner's payday that night as well. Also on the racing card are the IMCA Burco Sales Stock Cars, IMCA Albert Auto SportMods, IMCA Christie Door Company Hobby Stocks, the RCZ Enterprises Indee Cars.

Pit and grandstand gates open at 4:00 PM. The Driver Draw closes at 5:45 PM. Hot laps are set for 6:00 PM with racing to follow.

To learn more about the Independence Motor Speedway, log on to their web site at

APRIL 8, 2017

IMCA MODIFIEDS: Car#-Name[Starting Position]
1. 71C-Troy Cordes[3]; 2. 27M-Mark Schulte[4]; 3. 33D-Scott Hogan[2]; 4. 24R-Adam Johnson[14]; 5. 5-Jason Morehouse[1]; 6. 007-Luke Lemmens[12]; 7. 10-Kaleb Bentley[13]; 8. 21-Brennen Chipp[9]; 9. 69-T.J Smith[8]; 10. 2-Brandon Maitland[11]; 11. 57B-Patrick Flannagan[16]; 12. 6-Jed Freiburger[15]; 13. 32J-Jason Buss[20]; 14. 4-Ryan Maitland[23]; 15. 1-Mitch Manternach[21]; 16. 94-J.J Andersen[22]; 17. 64-Vern Jackson[6]; 18. 525-Chase Parker[25]; 19. 32-Chris Simpson[7]; 20. 20L-Zach Less[17]; 21. 00J-JD Auringer[5]; 22. 10K-Ronn Lauritzen[10]; 23. 12D-Joe Doceckel[18]; (DNS) 10B-Ryan Besaw; (DNS) 34B-Wayne Struchen; (DNS) 33X-Dan Roedl.

IMCA STOCK CARS: Car#-Name[Starting Position]
1. 18-Tom Schmitt[5]; 2. 97-Lynn Panos[3]; 3. 56T-Justin Temeyer[8]; 4. 3-Jarod Weepie[7]; 5. 99D-Damon Murty[4]; 6. 3T-Scooter Dulin[6]; 7. 3W-Matt Hudspeth[9]; 8. 4JR-Russell Damme Jr.[1]; 9. 8E-Mitchell Evens[2]; 10. 14-Shane Ebaugh[13]; 11. 115-Hannah Chesmore[14]; 12. 31-David Balik[11]; (DNS) 88-Corey Brown; (DNS) 15-Norman Chesmore.

IMCA SPORTMODS: Car#-Name[Starting Position]
1. T23-Tony Olson[2]; 2. 12N-Gage Neal[5]; 3. K3-Kyle Olson[1]; 4. 27S-Jason Schlangen[8]; 5. 4-Jerry Miles[7]; 6. 09B-Kevin Bethke[9]; 7. 11A-Andy Hunter[13]; 8. 0P-Hunter Parsons[6]; 9. 2X-Troy Hovey[4]; 10. T3-Trent Jochimson[14]; 11. 23-Synjun Bauer[12]; 12. 12R-Travis Storjohann[10]; 13. 29-Sean Vogt[3]; 14. 39-Brian Hilbert[11]; (DNS) 4M-David Wimer.

IMCA HOBBY STOCK: Car#-Name[Starting Position]
1. 79-Benji Irvine[9]; 2. 09-Daniel Wauters[1]; 3. 24T-Tyler Ollendieck[4]; 4. 43-Brett Knapp[6]; 5. 01-Kile Vohoringer[11]; 6. 35B-Shawn Kuennen[8]; 7. 14C-Leah Wroten[3]; 8. 82-Billy Rhodes[17]; 9. 81B-Thomas Stevens[12]; 10. 18S-Gary Ollendieck[14]; 11. 71A-Kyle Dulin[7]; 12. 23J-Justin Hanson[10]; 13. 4-August Bach[5]; 14. 3T-Tonia Stevens[2]; 15. 17-Nathan Forey[13]; (DNS) 7B-Jim Ball Jr; (DNS) 19-Todd Coonrad.

XCEL INDEE CARS: Car#-Name[Starting Position]
1. 6-Donny Erger[11]; 2. 1BC-Brad Cole[6]; 3. 18H-Curt Hilmer[10]; 4. 99D-Dallon Murty[8]; 5. 4-Russ Olson[4]; 6. 1-Kaden Reynolds[3]; 7. 99-Darrick Knutsen[5]; 8. 75-Justin Willits[7]; 9. 31-Matt Schaefer[9]; 10. 19X-Matt Dugan[1]; 11. 17-Brady Kohrs[2].

INEX LEGEND CARS: Car#-Name[Starting Position]
1. 80-Justin Pearson[11]; 2. 1K-Kim Clover[6]; 3. 21H-Rick Harris[5]; 4. 95-Mike Mueller[3]; 5. 29-Ryan Mech[2]; 6. 34-Cody Apfelbeck[8]; 7. 6-Aaron Meyer[1]; 8. 77-Warren Ropp[7]; 9. 5C-Duane Christensen[21]; 10. 15-Dave Eberle[18]; 11. 37P-Craig Peckenscheider[10]; 12. 52X-Alex Van[13]; 13. 53-Keith Meyer[17]; 14. 3-Dave McCalla[9]; 15. 02-Tim Fredericks[20]; 16. 18S-Ryan Sullivan[15]; 17. 52C-Nate Chitko[14]; 18. 31Z-Jason Utter[19]; 19. 6B-Vince Bartolotta[22]; 20. 5-Jeremy Meyer[12]; 21. 37-Dan Mech[4]; 22. 14S-Kevin Schutz[16]

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