Voting continues for the 2017 Iowa's Virtual Dirt Track Classic. We have an update on Round 1 of the Bill Colwell Ford Main Event.

After four days (of seven), the competition to secure a transfer position is very tight in all divisions. Round 1 of the Bill Colwell Ford Main Event ends Thursday, February 3 at 5:00 PM. Round 2 will begin Friday morning at 6:00 AM.

So far over 24,000 votes have cast.

The Top 4 in each heat will transfer to Round 2. From the remaining drivers, the 'Next 4' highest vote-getters, regardless of which heat race they are in, will also transfer to Round 2.

MODIFIEDS ROUND 1: After 4 days (of 7) of voting
The Modified voting has seen the most votes placed. Kelly Schryock leads Heat 1. Ricky Thorton Jr. and Richie Gustin Jr. are side-by-side for second. Joel Rust rounds out the 'Top 4'. In Heat 2, Corey Dripps leads, and Dripps has received more votes than any other modified driver. Vern Jackson rides in second followed closely by Ronn Lauritzen. Dylan Book holds down fourth, but is getting pressured by Mark Schulte for a 'Top 4' spot. There is a heated battle for the 'Next 4' positions. only 30 votes separates 4th though 9th.

HEAT 1: 1. Kelly Shryock, 2. Ricky Thorton Jr., 3. Richie Gustin Jr., 4. Joel Rust,
HEAT 2: 1. Corey Dripps, 2. Vern Jackson, 3. Ronn Lauritsen, 4. Dylan Book.
NEXT 4: (Only Top 4 Transfer) 1. Mark Schulte, 2. Ricky Stephan, 3. Chris Abelson, 4. Jesse Dennis, 5. Mike Van Genderen, 6. Tim Ward, 7. Dustin Smith, 8. Chris Zogg, 9. Jacob Murray.

LATE MODELS ROUND 1: After 4 days (of 7) of voting
The Late Model heats are seeing a tight battle for the lead. In Heat 1, Jake Neal only has a 28 vote lead over Tyler Bruening as Day 4 came to an end. Matt Ryan is just ahead of Chad Holladay for third. Jeff Aikey has the most Late Model votes, and he leads Heat 2. Tyler Droste runs second only 32 votes back of Aikey. Darrell DeFrance and Justin Kay round out the 'Top 4'. All six remain drivers have a very viable shot to claim one of the 'Next 4' transfer spots.

HEAT 1: 1. Jake Neal, 2. Tyler Bruening, 3. Matt Ryan, 4. Chad Holladay.
HEAT 2: 1. Jeff AIkey, 2. Tyler Droste, 3. Darrel DeFrance, 4. Justin Kay.
NEXT 4: (Only Top 4 Transfer) 1. Rob Toland, 2. Joel Callahan, 3. Paul Glendenning, 4. Tommy Elston, 5. Ryan Dolan, 6. Luke Goedert.

STOCK CARS ROUND 1: After 4 days (of 7) of voting
Damon Murty has scored the most votes so far in the all division, and he leads Heat 1. Nathan Woods has a slight advantage over Chad Palmer for second (38 votes). Jeff Mueller rounds out the 'Top 4'. Mike Nichols sits on top of Heat 2 as Round 1 crossed the halfway point. David Smith runs second. Tom Schmitt and Donavon Smith are battling hard for third. Schmitt currently maintains third. David Smith is only seven votes back in fifth.

HEAT 1: 1. Damon Murty, 2. Nathan Wood, 3. Chad Palmer, 4. Jeff Mueller.
HEAT 2: 1. Mike Nichols, 2. Devin Smith, 3. Tom Schmitt, 4. Donavon Smith.
NEXT 4: (Only Top 4 Transfer) 1. David Smith, 2. Todd Inman, 3. John Olver Jr. 4. Mitch Hovden, 5. Norman Chesmore, 6. Kevin Donlan, 7. Kyle Falck, 8. Lynn Panos, 9. Jerry Miles.

HOBBY STOCK ROUND 1: After 4 days (of 7) of voting
In Heat 1, Benji Irvine runs up front with the most Hobby Stock votes so far. Shannon Anderson runs in second followed by Eric Stanton and Luke Ramsey. John Watson is gain momentum and closing in on those two. Cody Nielsen holds down the top spot in Heat 2. Nathan Ballard and Daniel Smith run door-to-door for second. Dylan Fitzpatrick is not far behind in fourth, he is fending off a challenge from Matt White.

HEAT 1: 1. Benji Irvine, 2. Shannon Anderson, 3. Eric Stanton, 4. Luke Ramsey.
HEAT 2: 1. Cody Nielsen, 2. Nathan Ballard, 3. Daniel Smith, 4. Dylan Fitpatrick.
NEXT 4: (Only Top 4 Transfer) 1. Matt White, 2. Jason Kohl, 3. Weston Koop, 4. John Watson, 5. Quinton Miller, 6. Corey Madden, 7. Scott Spilde, 8. Dustin Griffiths, 9. Kile Vohringer.

SPORTMODS/BMODS ROUND 1: After 4 days (of 7) of voting
Clint Luellen runs out front in Heat 1 with the most votes for SportMod/Bmod drivers. Tony Olson runs second. Jared VanDeest rolls third followed by Jonathon Logue. In Heat 2, Doug Smith maintains the point, but Tyler Soppe is running right on his back bumper. Curtis Van Der Wal has third, and Kyle Anderson competes the 'Top 4'.

HEAT 1: 1. Clint Luellen, 2. Tony Olson, 3. Jared VaDeest, 4. Jonathon Logue.
HEAT 2: 1. Doug Smith, 2. Tyler Soppe, 3. Curtis Van Der Wal, 4. Kyle Anderson.
NEXT 4: (Only Top 4 Transfer) 1. Nate Chodur, 2. Nick Meyer, 3. Troy Hovey, 4. Mitch Van Endgen, . 5. Ryan Jenkins, .6. John Oliver Jr., 7. Gage Neal, 8. Ty Griffith, 9. Jason McDaniel.

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