Russ Dickerson topped a field of 42 IMCA Modifieds to secure the $1,000 Frostbuster win at Boone Speedway on April 8, 2017.

Clint Luellen, Jason Wolla, and Dickerson battled for the IMCA Modified A-Main win. Luellen led the field during the middle stages. Wolla was able to wrestled the lead away, but he was quickly overtaken by Dickerson who held off the hungry pack for the vicotry. Wolla finished second followed by Luellen. Mike Van Genderan and Hunter Marriott rounded out the top five.

Jay Schmidt had the lead halfway point of the IMCA Stock Car A-Main, but he was hounded by Michael Murphy, Marcus Fagen, and late race charge by Angel Munoz. It was Munoz who was finally able to steal the lead away from Schmidt, and defended the lead until the checkered flag flew. Murphy and Fagen were also able to slip past Schmidt to finish second and third respectively. Schmidt settled for fourth, and Trent Murphy was fifth.

Jake McBirnie passed Austin Luellen for the lead and eventual win during the IMCA SportMod A-Main. Luellen finished second followed by Johnathon Logue, Sam Weiben, and Wyatt Block.

Eric Stanton took the IMCA Hobby Stock win. Solomon Bennett came home second followed by Jack Phillips. Bryce Sommerfeld and Justin Wacha finished fourth and fifth respectively.

The final night of the 2017 Frostbuster travels to the Benton County Speedway in Vinton, Iowa. Hot laps are set for 4:45 PM.

APRIL 8, 2017

1. Russ Dickerson, 2. Jason Wolla, 3. Clint Luellen, 4. Mike Van Genderen, 5. Hunter Marriott, 6. Eric Elliott, 7. Todd Shute, 8. Adam Larson, 9. Bryce Garnhart, 10. Johnny Scott, 11. Kyle Brown, 12. Joel Rust, 13. Austin Wolfe, 14. Randy Havlik, 15. David Brown, 16. Jesse Hoeft, 17. Kent Croskey, 18. Al Wolfgram, 19. Gatlin Leytham, 20. Joel Crowbridge, 21. Brandon Lehman, 22. Richie Gustin, 23. Todd Inman, 24. Don Geist.

1. Angel Munoz, 2. Mike Murphy, 3. Jay Schmidt, 4. Marcus Fagen, 5. Trent Murphy, 6. Larry Karzc, 7. Randy Brands, 8. Jake Nelson, 9. Robert Stofer, 10. Kevin Opheim, 11. Brandon Pruitt, 12. Tyler Pickett, 13. Devin Snellenberger, 14. Josh Daniels, 15. Cody Gustoff, 16. Justin Nehring, 17. Jamie Suchocki, 18. Jared Hansen, 19. Rodney Richards, 20. Tyler Prochaska, 21. Terry Cornelison, 22. Wayne Gifford, 23. David Bouche, 24. Bret Koehler.

1. Jake McBirnie, 2. Austin Luellen, 3. Jonathan Logue, 4. Sam Wieben, 5. Wyatt Block, 6. John Watson, 7. Ryan King, 8. Brandon Schmitt, 9. Cory Pestotnik, 10. Ethan Braaksma, 11. Chad Ryerson, 12. Curtis Veber, 13. Dusty Massolini, 14. Autumn Anderson, 15. Goeff Jeche, 16. Thomas Egenberger, 17. Bruce Bellland, 18. Jeremiah LaDue, 19. Anthony Onstot, 20. Brett Meuer, 21. George Nordman, 22. Hunter Longnecker, 23. Robert Moore, 24. Brian Efkamp.

1. Eric Stanton, 2. Solomon Bennitt, 3. Jack Phillips, 4. Bryce Sommerfeld, 5. Justin Wacha, 6. Kyle Sidles, 7. Tyson Overton, 8. Aaron Rudolph, 9. Dustin Graham, 10. Ryan Wells, 11. Korbin Nourse, 12. Dustin Lynch, 13. Zack Smith, 14. David McQuiston, 15. Chris Cox, 16. Jay Sidles, 17. Brian Derry, 18. Blair Halvson, 19. Shane Butler, 20. Shaun Wirtz, 21. Dylan Nelson, 22. Todd Bass.

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