A ham sandwich walks into a bar ... What do you call cheese that isn't yours? What's brown and sticky? Everyone hates loves a good "dad joke," right? Click play on the video above to watch country stars read some of the most painfully awful #DadJokes in honor of Father's Day this Sunday (June 21).

Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert and Old Dominion all stopped to chat with Taste of Country and read some of our favorite dad jokes. You know -- the ones that are so bad, they're actually kind of good; the ones that make you roll your eyes and groan out loud, but laugh with childish glee on the inside. Our dads tell them best of course ... but country stars are a close second.

For their funny quips, Chris Young got particularly punny, Lee Brice talked about mushrooms and Dave Haywood from Lady A shared his cow-themed joke that actually included the line "udder chaos." Kip Moore and Canaan Smith's jokes elicited some pretty big eye-rolls, while Drake White and Justin Moore actually seemed to enjoy their one-liners.

And now that Thomas Rhett has a daughter (and another on the way), it seems that he may be jumping on the dad joke bandwagon as well. When he shared his silly riddle -- "What did the ocean say to the shore?" -- he responded with a genuine laugh, proving that as soon as you become a dad, you can't help but love those bad jokes.

What dad joke will your dad say this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Father's Day to These Sweet Country Star Dads!

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