Despite efforts to save this century-old girl scout cabin, the Creston News says it's being demolished and coming down.

An agreement between the Creston Parks & Recreation Department and the Save the Girl Scout Cabin committee was reached, determining it would be a liability to restore the 97-year-old building, which as we told you in a story several months ago, needed "a new roof, concrete, flooring, doors, and windows due to the extensive deterioration". Even with an anonymous donation offered, the repairs were going to total around $50,000.

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A head member of the committee trying to preserve the building hinted at that total being even more. Four out of five committee members voted against preservation, with vice President Audrey Wright saying “It’s just not feasible. Who is going to keep the upkeep if we put $200,000 in it when we could use that money to put in a building that will last for our grandkids?"

So the cabin is coming down. According to the Creston News, an effort will be made to save a couple of sections where the carvings and signatures are to have them preserved, but due to the deteriorating condition of the building, it can’t be guaranteed. If those carvings and signatures can be preserved, they will be displayed in the new building.

Ideas are already being floated as to what the new building might look like. Parks & Recreation department member John Kawa thinks it should be a brand new log cabin.

I think it would be (perfect). It would fit right with the old one. Once the new one is up, it would be just like it was. There would be a lot of similarities. We could make it big enough where we could actually use it for a meeting room and other things. I think that’s what everyone wants

One thing is certain, and that is that all involved want it to become something usable for the entire community of Creston. The original cabin will be torn down this fall or winter, and while they may have to wait another year to apply for grant money, so far, donations will fund the project.

Updates, although there haven't really been any since April, can be found on a Facebook page called "Save the Girl Scout Cabin at McKinley Park".

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