It's times like these that getting a little creative can go a long way.

As we all know restaurants, bars and even nursing homes and health care facilities have been shut down to limit the spread of Coroanvirus right now. While restaurants and bars are losing money, nursing homes and health care facilities are losing precious time between family members admitted and their loved ones as visitors. Due to the fact that health care facilities are not admitting visitors at this time, one Cedar Valley Family had to get a little creative to see a loved one.

According to KWWL, Candy Nardini and her husband Jay have been visiting Candy's father whom has dementia for 7 years in a local health care facility. Candy has made it a point to make sure her Dad does not feel alone through this process and every night has family time with him at the facility. However with the no visitor passes recently put in place due to Coroanvirus, you would think that stopped these visits right?

Wrong. Candy has just decided to get a little creative. Candy and her husband still visit her Dad every night and they either talk through his window, use white boards or sidewalk chalk and even photos to keep up her nightly visits. Candy has said that even if a Stay-At-Home order is put into place she will keep up her nightly visit with a phone call or video call to make sure her Dad knows he is not alone.

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