In 2019-2020 we heard the word pandemic, all day, every day. In 2021-2022 we've heard endlessly about the supply chain and how big of a mess its been. We've seen various things get more expensive as this year has gone on.

Gas prices have skyrocketed and we've learned Iowa is 45th in the nation when it comes to annual food costs, for a family of 4. One thing we've also learned is that Iowans are willing to pay a little more, to continue to support local businesses.

Feedwell Kitchen and Bakery in Cedar Rapids is among those restaurants that have continued to deal with the price of food going up. According to USA Today, food is up nearly 8%, which is the largest increase we've seen since May 1981.

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They let their patrons know on Facebook last week that eggs have increased by 240% and butter has increased by 180% since they started in business a year and a half ago.

Co-Owner of Feedwell Kitchen and Bakery, Abu-Nameh has been in the industry for more than 25 years according to KCRG and she said

”Typically you’ll see some fluctuations, especially with like dairy, meat, eggs, but they usually kind of come down and taper down. This is the biggest spike I’ve ever seen."

Sadly, it doesn't appear food costs will be going down anytime soon, so FeedWell Kitchen and Bakery have had to make some adjustments. Whether that's adding 25 or 50 cents to certain menu items or chicken breasts going up a dollar, it's been a constant battle.

Being open and honest with their customers has been a success and is paying off. Megan Slagle, from Marion, was at Feedwell on Thursday and she told KCRG

”I try to support local and I’m more willing to pay at a local place than maybe a chain restaurant for sure.”

Feedwell has even been approached by customers thanking them for being open and honest about their situation and have appreciated being informed about these price increases. After posting on Facebook about the food prices going up, they were flooded with positive comments. Many people have mentioned that their food is worth every penny.

Abu-Nameh has loved being a part of the community and wants to stick around.  She said to KCRG

“It’s just really nice you know to be part of that community and we don’t want, we don’t want to go away we want to stay here so I think people just appreciate us being honest with them.”

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