We are living in a pretty devisive time in our country's history. No one can agree on anything, and no one will listen to what another person has to say. Here in Iowa we do have one great unifier. No, it's not any politician or celebrity, nor is it even a sports team...it's food.

All of us can agree that Casey's Pizza is good.

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Almost five years ago, one of the loudest voices in the pizza consumption world came out here to Iowa to give Casey's pizza a go. Barstool "El Presidente" Dave Portnoy came to give his opinion on our very own delicacy.


Barstool Sports
Barstool Sports

Portnoy went out to a Casey's in Coralville in 2017. His slice of choice was the company's famous breakfast pizza.

"This is what all the Iowa people said you have to do," the popular pizza reviewer said. " All of 'em! You gotta try Casey's General Store breakfast pizza."

Usually, Portnoy reviews cheese pizza, so this review was what he called a "non-sanctioned belt."

After taking a single bite, the pizza master had a very strong opinion, that Iowans will have to disagree on.

Too bacony...

"We are at a gas station...I am eating gas station pizza. Which I guess is the creme de la creme of Iowa cuisine" Portnoy said.

After every single review, he gives the pizza a ranking out of ten. The official consensus from El Presidente was that Casey's Pizza was a 5.2.

Barstool Sports
Barstool Sports

Now we know why he hasn't been back here to Iowa in a few years.

You can watch the full pizza review here.

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