When Carrie Underwood stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week, she wasn't there just to promote her new health and fitness-related book, Find Your Path. She actually showed viewers how it's done, when Fallon introduced a little competition he called the "Fittest of the Fit Challenge."

Underwood, of course, was game to take him on. The two proceeded through a three-course challenge in which they crept around on the floor matching their hands and feet to pictures (Fallon dubbed it "Dance Dance Revolution meets Twister"), had Underwood navigate a maze blindfolded while Fallon held a plank, and blew ping-pong balls at each other while performing bear crawls.

It sounds daunting, but of course Underwood prevailed, getting her game-on spirit and squealing "I win!" (Watch above for the full fun segment.)

Underwood, 36, offers fans a detailed look at her healthy lifestyle in her new book, which was released on Tuesday (March 3). For those fans who want to join her fitness journey, she's launched a corresponding app, Fit52, that provides users with tools and activities to get in great shape.

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