This is an actual map on display at the Major League Baseball Store in Seoul South Korea.


We can spot 7 mistakes with this picture. Can you find them all? Scroll to the bottom for the answers. Good luck!

Drew J Forrest
Picture thanks to Drew Forrest via Twitter @drewjforrest







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Answer Key:

1. The Colorado Rockies are not shown on the map.
2. The Toronto Blue Jays are not shown on the map.
3. The Atlanta Braves do not play in Alabama.
4. The Cincinnati Reds do not play in Tennessee/North Carolina.
5. The Boston Red Sox do not play in Maine.
6. The Chicago White Sox do not play in Indiana.
7. The Kansas City Royals do not play in Kansas/Nebraska.

*** It is faint but the San Diego Padres are under the palm trees in southern California.

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