Let's be honest, sometimes we get a bit of a lead foot on the road.

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Here in the Hawkeye State, there are times when you might be driving for miles and miles without seeing anyone. Whether it's on the highway as your driving from Waterloo to Cedar Rapids in the early morning or one of the many back roads to the family farm, you could go a long way by yourself.

Sometimes, we might go a bit faster because we think there aren't police or people for miles. Who does it really hurt if we just go a BIT over the speed limit, right? What's five or ten miles per hour over even going to do?

If you are going that much faster than the speed limit and are caught, there are some consequences.

Before we dive into what sort of consequences you might get for speeding, we've got to explain a few things.

We're going to simplify things for a minute...

If you're in a motor vehicle and it's moving while the offense occurs then it's considered a moving violation.

Duh, right?

In Iowa, driver's license points are used to track these moving violations, according to reports. If you get more than three moving violations within 12 months you're license will be suspended.

But what happens if I just a TINY bit over? Maybe just 10 MPH, I couldn't get in too much trouble, right?

Well, if you get caught multiple times and written up for going over the speed limit like that, you could get your license suspended.

If you're caught and written up by police, going just 5 MPH over the speed limit you could get a ticket and have to pay a $20 fine.

According to the Driving Laws website, the repercussions for speeding go up  considerably every five to ten miles per hour over the limit. The speeding violations for different speeds in Iowa are as follows:

  • Speeding no more than 5 MPH ~ $20
  • Speeding between 5 MPH and 10 MPH ~ $40
  • Speeding between 10 MPH and 15 MPH ~ $80
  • Speeding between 15 MPH and 20 MPH ~ $90
  • Speeding over 20 MPH ~ $100
    • plus $5 for every mile over

So the lesson here is...just go the speed limit.

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